Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH) Price dropped heavily today. Why? Every time there is a news about some scam or hack people get scared, which ignites a decline in the price.

There was a hack recently in which one of the largest exchanges was hacked and about 65 million of the digital currency was stolen as report here – BTC Sinks After Hackers Steal $65 Million From Exchange.

Is this Justified? I think people need to learn how to invest and make profits the hard way. Every time there is a hack or something we see a deadly fall in prices of cryptocurrency. Just in this case BTC/USD fell from $600 to $480 and ETH/USD declined from $10.00 to $7.00.

I think the recent decline may be short-lived, as such things people and investors tend to forget over time. The price has already recovered, as Bitcoin is trading around $550 and Ether price at $9.20.

If you are buyers, then you need to stay calm, and let the market settle down. These are big projects and such news are only opportunities for good investors in my opinion. So, do not panic people and stop selling ETH and BTC, they are not going anywhere.

I will continue to monitor activities in ETH and BTC and will keep you all posted whenever required.

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Enjoy trading and stop following false moves traders 🙂