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Nothing Alarming About Split of Bitcoin

Bitcoin price falls back from $2,400 to $ 1,800 over the period of last one week because of the fears of the hard forks that states that the digital currency is going to split in two different parts at the last of the month. After the introduction of bitcoin in the year of 2009, the actual forks and potential have disturbed the prices of digital currency. The issue with the majority of these ev...

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Ethereum Under EXP attack

Ethereum Under EXP Attack After Hard Fork

There is a new attack underway for Ethereum, known as the EXP attack. Attackers just do not want to give up even after the recent Hard fork to prevent DDos attacks. There is a thread on Reddit by Mcgravier, mentioning about the current attack. Replying to the same thread, nick says, "Yes, the at...

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