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Nothing Alarming About Split of Bitcoin

Bitcoin price falls back from $2,400 to $ 1,800 over the period of last one week because of the fears of the hard forks ...

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bitcoin exchange hack

What? Bithumb, Fourth Biggest Digital Currency Exchange Hacked?

A security incident is confirmed by the fourth largest cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb that causes them to lose an undet...

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Ethereum Looks Set To Surpass Bitcoin In Market Cap

The market capitalization of a virtual currency known as ethereum is increasing at a faster rate and reaching the level ...

  • Prachi Desai
Litecoin Alternative To Bitcoin

Litecoin Alternative To Bitcoin Considering Transaction Costs?

Being the leader in the field can make the other players feel a bit crushed. Bitcoin is dominating the cryptocurrency fi...

  • Prachi Desai
Bitcoin legal illegal In India

Bitcoin Legal In India? Government Decision and Scenarios

The view of the Indian Government on Bitcoin, the top cryptocurrency is awaited eagerly by the users of bitcoin. Accordi...

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Kraken Acquires Cryptowatch, Launches New Trade Interface

Kraken Acquires Cryptowatch, Launches New Trade Interface

In a recent press release, the Bitcoin exchange Kraken acquired Cryptowatch and also launched a new trade interface. Le...

  • Prachi Desai
Hillary Clinton Bitcoin Donations

Hillary Clinton Rejects Bitcoin Donations to Presidential Campaign

The Hillary Clinton campaign seems to have turned its back on the online digital currency bitcoin. This comes after they...

  • Prachi Desai
lara with me stopped paying users customers cannot withdraw

Lara With Me Telegram Bot Stopped Paying Users; Scam Alert

Lara with me, a telegram bot stopped paying users. Users can no more withdraw. It looks like another HYIP sc...

  • Prachi Desai
Coinbase and GDAX Delays ETC Withdrawal Further

Coinbase and GDAX Delays ETC Withdrawal Further

This to update users who are waiting for ETC withdrawals from Coinbase and GDAX. Earlier, there was a notice that Ether...

  • Aayush Jindal
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