In a bid to give competition to the ethereum the bitcoin developers that is major ventures Alex morcos, Suhas Daftuar and Matt corallo have announced an event for establishing developers basically having a bitcoin experience. Chaincode labs have organized this event which is basically a New York city based research and development group that explodes other peer to peer decentralized systems.

Since 2013 this lab is hiring the developers to work on bitcoin’s protocol to address the issue and faults in the new entrants to the bitcoin development. Corallo stated that there are huge number of bitcoin developers who do not have contributed towards the bitcoin core because they feel that they are not equipped to do so and we are looking for those people who will resolve this issue.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a kind of transaction which are basically very simple and a friendly developer platform that helps you to make the decentralized applications. There are many properties of this network which makes it unique from others there is no security obscurity issues, these applications are always available in the future too and they are resistant to the attacks.

Lesson learned from the Ethereum

There was a meeting held between the BTC  developers on what to learn from the ethereum and how successfully it is better coordinated and excellent in building the communications but the idea has been rejected due to lack of issues. In ethereum it has always has an eagerness to welcome the newcomers as compared to the bitcoin developers who shows very cold attitude to the newcomers. The banning of Dr. Peter rizun shows that how they are criticizing the bitcoin’s development.

Difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum

Basically BTC and ETH are considerably different in their cultural and philosophical level. Bitcoin do have a long history and only doing business with only certain market. On the other hand, Ether is keen to appeal to the mainstream users and that includes corporations and banks.


Both Bitcoin and Ethereum have their different markets so basically they are not interfering in each other activities yet they supplement each other having many things common in these two.