A security incident is confirmed by the fourth largest cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb that causes them to lose an undetermined amount of deposits. There was an indication that something is going wrong on Thursday when the majority of the Bithumb’s user base living in South Korea begin to complain about a local social network about unable to access control over the funds that they stored in their account on Bithumb.

The platform officially admitted that a hacking incident takes place in a blog post on their website after a day. Although, it didn’t contain any useful information.

Bithumb staff’s PC hacked by the attacker

On Monday, the company reveals more details when get pressurized by the local media. They said that the personal computer of a Bithumb staff was hacked from where all the information of more than 31,800 users were stolen, i.e. around 3% of the total user base of the platform.

As per the local media, the time of the hack was 10 PM on Thursday’s night, 29 June and the information to which the hackers get access consist of data on email addresses, mobile phone numbers and customer names.

Immediately, the users begin to complain that someone hacked their accounts online and it isn’t clear how the hacker get the control to these accounts.

Some of the users even losses around 10 million worth of cryptocurrency. According to the local media, the attacker made billions with this hack, but the exact amount isn’t confirmed by the Bithumb.

Compensations promised by the platform

According to a blog post published by the Bithumb on Monday, they don’t know the exact detail of money stolen by the attacker. However, they are willing to offer compensation of up to $897 for every affected user until July 5 https://francepharmacie.fr/acheter-generique-viagra/.

As per the official statement by the Bithumb, the entire amount of damages will be reimbursed when the amount of full damage gets confirmed. They are working on this incident.