There is a new attack underway for Ethereum, known as the EXP attack. Attackers just do not want to give up even after the recent Hard fork to prevent DDos attacks.

There is a thread on Reddit by Mcgravier, mentioning about the current attack. Replying to the same thread, nick says, “Yes, the attacker’s conducting an EXP attack as we speculated he would. Processing times are between 1-3 seconds depending on how powerful your node’s CPU is (unlike previous attacks, this is entirely a processing power attack). The second HF will reprice EXP accordingly so as to make this an nonissue.”

Users keep on reporting the attacks like

let’s hope this is resolved soon.

Ethereum – Ether was under severe pressure, which pushed the ETH/USD price down to $12.00. ETH/BTC crumbled below 0.0190BTC and ETH/Euro was seen testing the 11.00 support.

More updates to follow soon.

Update – Few mins ago, there was an announcement that “recommending miners lower the gas limit target to 2 million”. The announcement is as follows:

Although the hard fork yesterday was successful and network health improved, there is an ongoing attack that causes increased block processing times on certain blocks. Mitigation strategies are being investigated. In order to subvert some of the negative affects of the current attack, we are asking miners to lower their gas limit target to 2 million.

Let’s wait for it get stable 🙂