In a recent press release, the Bitcoin exchange Kraken acquired Cryptowatch and also launched a new trade interface. Let’s read more about this move.

They recently sent an email to their customers and stated that they have upgraded their infrastructure to improve speed, reliability, and ease of use. They also announced that they have joined hands with Cryptowatch and launched a new and greatly improved trade interface!

The link to use the new trade interface:
Know more and read details and instructions on how to use it here:

Kraken’s New Trade Platform and Interface

They also mentioned about their acquisition of a very useful and popular charting and trading platform Cryptowatch (

Their new platform will now use the Cryptowatch technology to come up with a great charting and trading interface for clients.

Artur Sapek, the founder of Cryptowatch in a blog post stated:

Teaming up with an exchange was the natural next step, and Kraken was my first choice. The Kraken team has built a very mature and reliable exchange, and I look forward to working with them to deliver the best trading software in the industry.

Kraken’s Future Upgrades

This looks like a great start to 2017 for the Bitcoin exchange. What more can we expect from them?

Well, they mentioned that they have a lot of things in the pipeline.

They will continue to work on making the new trading platform stable and improve it in terms of the speed and reliability during high volatility.

It looks like there is a lot more coming your way if you are their client.

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