Kraken announced recently that they now provide trading support for Zcash. ZEC is considered as one of the most hotly anticipated digital assets of 2016, so this may be good news for the traders.

Now, you may think what is Zcash (ZEC)? It is a digital currency, which offers complete transaction privacy. Its transactions can be monitored on the blockchain with details like sender, recipient, and amount. All these details remain private. If users have the transaction view key, then they can view the payment details. You can know more on the official website.

Earlier the company also enabled REP (Augur Reputation Tokens) Trading, and now they enabled another digital asset.

Which Pairs you can trade for Zcash (ZEC) At Kraken?

Currently, these are enabled by Kraken – ZEC/XBT, ZEC/EUR, ZEC/USD, ZEC/GBP, ZEC/JPY, ZEC/CAD. They said they will provide details for people looking to trade with margin and so on.

Steps to Deposit REP in Kraken (details as shared on their blog post)?

  • It is similar to how to deposit any other digital currency.
  • in your Kraken account navigate to Funding > Deposit > ZEC
  • Generate a deposit address and send your ZEC to this address.

Kraken mentioned that they support both  private addresses and public addresses, which means deposits and withdrawals can be both private and public.


The company also mentioned that they will soon start the trading, and quoted:

Will enable funding and open the order books shortly after the Zcash network launches and the first block is mined.  The network launch is scheduled for the morning of Friday, October 28 PDT.

If you are looking to trade ZEC, your wait is over on Kraken. Happy Trading.