Lara with me, a telegram bot stopped paying users. Users can no more withdraw. It looks like another HYIP scam we have on the board. Read More and stay away from such SCAM offers.

The lure of quick money has not failed to attract men over the ages. Here we take a look at another site that promised high returns within a few days on your bitcoin deposits. The site promised high security and stability, but failed to sustain too long.

Lara With Me Not allowing withdrawals and Not paying

One of the main traits of these quick-money sites is that they do not last long. From our point of view, seems to have the markings of another scam site. They promised 3% daily return which is a substantial amount, but later it turned out to be a Bitcoin Scam. Many people have tried the Bitcoin HYIP sites and only a few have survived. They made money but did not stay long. Many sites where they made money later closed.

This site was no different. Lara the Bot on Telegram recently stopped paying users giving some stupid reasons to their customers. No one can now withdraw earnings via Bitcoin or any other wallet.

Many users were able to withdraw earlier, and even I was able to withdraw. However, a few days back, there was a notification from the Lara World News that the Telegram app stopped their API since many users complained against them.

I think this is an utter lie. They just ran away with all money.

Many users are crying and saying on different groups that they cannot withdraw now. I also had tested with $20, and I was unable to withdraw. The lara bot is not working. It’s only showing messages, but not NO WITHDRAWAL is processed.

lara bot is scam telegram

A few important alerts.

  1. Lara bot is no more working.
  2. No user can withdraw.
  3. They even DELETED their Facebook page. Link Here
  4. Thier site now says under maintenance, which is a lie and fraud alert.
  5. All support members on telegram app deleted accounts.

These are signs they ran away and users got scammed.

larawithme site scam users cannot withdraw Site details

The registration for site shows the date 2 June 2016. The advertisement is in Russian and the traffic is mainly from Russia (58%) and the Ukraine (10%). However, the ownership has a private setting. So, we cannot see who the owner is. I would not give my money to such a site. Since it has no products to sell, the members earn through their affiliate links. At best, one could consider it as an MLM site.

Telegram app and Lara the Bot

Meantime, for those who have the adventurous streak, you see the method of operation here. The entire thing works through the Telegram communications app. You download it and then activate the Lara bot on the telegram app. This bot directs you to pay and then you sit back and wait.

They have minimum deposit as $15 and methods as Payza, Payeer, Perfect Money, and Bitcoins.

Once you have done this, the interactive robot Lara Bot takes care of your investment. You can check daily and find how your investment is faring. Seems good, but this only LASTED TWO MONTHS. This was just a short-term mirage and the whole thing was an outright scam.

I hope you are not a victim of this another HYIP scam. If not, please stay away from this site. There are many other scam sites like this. I earlier reported about Coince, which stopped withdrawal and paying users. It was a scam too. I also doubt how telegram allowed such scam for too long.

Please feel free to share your experience with others, and I will keep updating about the Lara bot as things progress.

Invest Safely. Cheers!