Bitcoin price falls back from $2,400 to $ 1,800 over the period of last one week because of the fears of the hard forks that states that the digital currency is going to split in two different parts at the last of the month.

After the introduction of bitcoin in the year of 2009, the actual forks and potential have disturbed the prices of digital currency. The issue with the majority of these events is that they don’t treat the crypto currencies in the same way as the other physical currencies.

A currency present in two or more incompatible types after a fork. When it comes to US dollar, there are two biggest forks for U.S. dollar takes place in 1963 and 1971.

What is Eurodollar?

A Eurodollar can be defined as a type of dollar that is not supported by the United States. There is a very little interest rate carried by the Eurodollars than the regular dollars because there is less faith in governments than banks and they are less serious subject for the American jurisdiction.

However, there is a higher rate carried by the Eurodollars whenever the banks are troubled as the Eurodollar may be unable to redeem the deposits.  The Federal Reserve supports the Eurodollars in 2008 when the possibility becomes reality.

What is the problem of cryptocurrencies?

The cryptocurrencies have a completely different problem as just the fear of folks makes it tougher to develop the routine technical modifications. This conservatism is one of those issues that boost the growth of the tokens that can be designed and updated in an easier way for meeting the transaction requirements.

There is a fear among the folks that the process of cryptocurrencies will fall quickly to zero. However, this can happen, but it also occurs with the physical currencies too. There are many cases in the history where the price of a currency falls back quickly.